Gorilla Capital is a constantly evolving, privately-held investment fund which focuses on revitalizing neighborhoods through the acquisitions and renovation of distressed real estate. Yes, that was a mouthful, and possibly confusing. Let’s break it down: In 2006 Gorilla Capital was founded and initially started out purchasing non-judicial foreclosures in just one Oregon county. These homes received minor improvements and cleanups and were sold at wholesale prices. Fast-forward 17 years: Gorilla Capital currently operates in over 10 states and counting, purchases properties through a multitude of channels including foreclosure sales, REOs, short sales, estate sales, and traditional open market purchases. These properties then undergo a remodel to bring them up to the standards of today’s home buyers and to make the properties financeable for purchase.

Gorilla Capital is a dog-friendly company. We
often have up to 8 of our canine companions
in our Headquarters office in Eugene, Oregon.

In 2014, Gorilla Capital received the prestigious
Lighthouse Award from Portland Business Journal
for being on their list of fastest growing
companies in Oregon for 5 consecutive years!

Every year, Gorilla Capital hosts an annual employee
appreciation event. We’ve gone to Palm Springs,
Disneyland, Las Vegas multiple times, a tree house/rafting adventure, and our favorite, Cabo San Lucas.

In August 2013, Gorilla Capital purchased and renovated a 5,500 square foot office building to house our Headquarters operations. We now enjoy private offices for every employee, workout room, kegerator, and 10 foot gorilla on the roof.

Headquartered out of Eugene, Oregon, Gorilla Capital employs over 10 full time employees who work in sales, marketing, and accounting departments. We have corporate operations in Oregon and Idaho, and operate via our fix & flip affiliates in the rest of the states and markets.


The two founders of Gorilla Capital started the business at a kitchen table and operated the business out of a pick-up truck for the first 6 months before moving into office space in June 2006 and hiring two part-time employees.

Founded in Oregon at the height of the housing boom, Gorilla Capital began with the simple motto of “we sell them cheap, because we buy them cheaper.” The Gorilla model of carefully tracking reviewing and assessing thousands of foreclosure homes and buying only the highest quality properties quickly caught fire and the company branched out into 20 Oregon counties and to Idaho, Washington, Arizona, and Florida.

“We’re pleased to have played a role in the evolution of the foreclosure industry, which has gone from an industry nobody talked about to a viable segment of the real estate market,” said John Helmick, Gorilla Capital’s CEO.


Our mission is to provide a great investment opportunity, whether it’s a first home, remodeling project, rental property, affiliate relationship, or reliable return on investment in our company.


Gorilla Capital has an unwavering commitment to:

HONESTY We wear it on our sleeves.

INTEGRITY We have a strong commitment to our reputation for providing a good, fair value and responsive customer service. If something isn’t right, we’ll follow through to correct it.

HIGH QUALITY PEOPLE Gorilla Capital prides itself in only employing motivated, highly competent individuals. If you are not a top performer, you are not employed here.

INNOVATION We are constantly challenging the status quo by learning, adapting, and finding innovative ways to deliver a better real estate product.

QUALITY PRODUCT We believe in the value of our homes and the quality of work we provide. In fact, many of our employees have purchased one of our homes for themselves!

SIMPLICITY Transactions with Gorilla are easy. We don’t have home loans to pay off so we can sell any of our properties tomorrow. As a powerful cash buyer, we are able to close quickly.

WORK ETHIC We are passionate about what we do. Our team is committed to success and whatever it takes to achieve it.

BALANCE Work hard. Play hard. We encourage our employees to maintain a healthy personal to work balance.

CAMARADERIE We enjoy our coworkers and value our relationships.



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