Gorilla Capital Provides Private Money Loans for Fix & Flip Projects

signing papers for a home

Gorilla Capital is actively seeking out fix and flip operators with a passion for buying and remodeling residential properties. We’re fueling this passion with a fix and flip program that aligns perfectly with the needs of many operators.

It’s worth noting that Gorilla Capital is using some innovative strategies with a great degree of success. If fix and flip operators can learn about them, they can use this program to take advantage of the current market for these types of projects.

Residential Fix & Flip projects are turning profits and the race is on to take advantage of the trend. Knowledge about fix and flip projects is growing at an incredible rate. The current economy is accommodating these projects and buyers are eager to take advantage of newly improved properties. Funding is finally available and accessible for operators nationwide.

  • With programs like our Fix & Flip Funding initiative, fix and flip businesses are getting new life. Projects that were previously out of reach due to capital constraints are now possible.
  • Under this program, Gorilla Capital provides 90% of the acquisition and remodel costs, with a 50/50 split of the net profit at completion. Considering the current climate of the real estate industry, that’s a significant resource.
  • The support system that we provide is a standout feature of the program. Working with Gorilla Capital means fix and flip operators have a full complement of legal, insurance, and an MLS listing heading into their projects.

Obtaining funding accompanied by a variety of services and supports is now the accepted way to go for Fix & Flip projects.
One of the largest contributors to our success is our streamlined funding process. Funding for single family residential fix and flip projects has never been easier to find.

  • Gorilla Capital is funding projects nationwide. Our national acquisition strategy is expanding our influence rapidly.
  • We’ve pioneered the use of web-based property tracking software that provides real-time status of properties.
  • We provide a dedicated contact and accounting services like vendor tracking and invoice payment. This element of the program is one of the services that has fix and flip businesses returning to receive funding for additional projects.

The funding you need to make that Fix & Flip project a reality is available and the process is so streamlined, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
Gorilla Capital is providing money for residential fix and flip projects. The amazing thing is, we’re actively seeking out fix and flip operators who share their passion for bringing profitable projects to life.

It’s time to tackle that fix and flip project that’s been out of reach. Check out our Fix and Flip Calculator or get started on the program application today.