The Giving Gorilla

Our business is built around revitalizing communities, and we care deeply about leaving a positive impact. We wanted to come up with a program to give back to our communities in a way that resonates with our employees. Thus, The Giving Gorilla was born. Each month Gorilla Capital will make a monetary donation to 1-2 charities, organizations, or programs nominated by our employees. We will donate up to $5,000 this calendar year to employee chosen programs. We left the definition of “community” up to the individual employees to interpret for themselves, as they may consider their community to be the world, the nation, the state, or their local neighborhood.


St Vincent dePaul - Holiday Food Boxes
nominated by Stacy

I would like to nominate St. Vincent De Paul of Lane County for my Giving Gorilla donation. They do so much for the families in our community. Specifically, I’d like to donate to the Holiday Food Box program. Every year St. Vincent de Paul gathers about 2,500 food boxes for the holidays and distributes them with help from its volunteer conferences. Each box contains a frozen turkey or ham plus all the fixings for a nourishing meal on the holiday and beyond. For households that rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to help feed children, the holidays can mean lean times. But the holiday food box, with its supplemental protein, helps fill the void.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America
nominated by Ryan

I would like to donate to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America via fundraiser with our local Lowe’s store. This is their Building Great Futures Together campaign, one of many they do. The donations given in the Eugene store will stay in our community, helping the BGCA in Eugene, OR.

Since 2009 Lowe’s has been providing support in the forms of grants and refurbishments for clubs across the country, including a $50,000 grant in much-needed funding to at least one deserving club. These projects have included upgraded kitchens, working bathroom facilities, enhanced lighting and new spaces for kids and teens. Lowe’s wants its local communities to love where they live, and at Boys & Girls Clubs, we want our young people to understand the impact of community engagement. To date, Lowe’s has provided grants to over 230 Clubs ensuring that our young people have a place they find comforting, supportive, and FUN to visit each and every day.

Nazarene Youth Conference 2019 - Crow Applegate
nominated by Amy

I would like to donate to Crow Nazarene’s youth members attending the Nazarene Youth Conference 2019, which is held once every 4 years in Phoenix, Arizona. This trip is for high school-aged students and includes thousands of teens from across the country.  For the 11 kids at our church who are attending, the cost per kid is $1,600 and that includes meals, transportation, lodging and conference attendance costs. I would like the donation to be distributed evenly amongst the attendees from our church to ensure that each kid gets the opportunity to experience a trip like this.

In addition to worship, there are guest speakers, concerts, activities, mentoring, and several mission projects throughout Arizona such as organizing and delivering food boxes, building homes for families, etc. There is a video on the link below to view all of the excitement and thoughtful-work this life changing trip will bring the youth of Crow Nazarene.

Friends of Hendricks Park
nominated by Sarah

I would like to donate my Giving Gorilla to “The Friends of Hendricks Park”. The beautiful and peaceful Hendricks Park in Eugene, Oregon was established in 1906 and is the oldest park in the city. The park is a staple in Eugene. The 78 acres of Hendricks Park contains the Rhododendron Garden, the Native Plant Garden, 58 – acre forest, multiple trails and a swing seat. I live in walking distance to the park and walk up there at least once week with my dog Erbie. I fell in love with this park my freshman year of college at the University of Oregon and have been making trips up there ever since. After I was introduced to the park, I have spent countless afternoons strolling through the beautiful gardens and trails. The money we donate will help upgrade trails, pull invasive weeds and provide educational tours throughout the park.

Cascade Medical Team
nominated by Tanja
Jane Kammerzelt, Gorilla’s insurance agent, and Tanja are actively involved with the Stove Team through Cascade Medical. They volunteer for an annual trip to Guatemala to install stoves and water filters in family homes. 15 people volunteer for the last trip (November 2017) and in one week they installed 120 stoves and water filters in family homes. These stoves and water filters are life changing for these families. The 120 stoves and water filters will help 720-960 individuals per year for 8 years. During this time, 11,520 trees will be saved because less wood is required for the stove. The women in the homes will have, on average, 3 hours more time available each week to allow them time for weaving or other work that helps the economics of the family. The stove and water filter combination cost about $250 per home. The families pay a small amount toward the stoves, encouraging buy-in and ownership of the stoves and filters. The World Health Organization reports that the number one cause of death for women and children under the age of 5 in the developing world is open cooking fires, due to burns and respiratory issues related to smoke in the homes. For families buying wood, it is estimated that 40% of the household income goes to purchasing wood for families with open cooking fires or large government stoves without efficient combustion chambers. Overall, this organization is deserving of the Giving Gorilla because their impact is multi faceted:
  • Its a health project
  • Its an environmental project
  • Its an economic project
  • Its a women’s project

Our mission is providing free healthcare and health education, where medical services are severely lacking along with supporting community development projects to the impoverished population in the Highlands of Guatemala. Our passion is changing lives.

Relief Nursery
nominated by Jess

I would like to nominate the Relief Nursery for my Giving Gorilla program. This is an amazing program that works to help prevent the cycle of abuse and neglect through early intervention that focuses on building successful and resilient children, strengthening parents, and preserving families.

Relief Nursery is a great community recourse for children and their parents in our community that are high risk for abuse or neglect. Below is the bio to show what they do for the children and parents. They website also has a lot of helpful parenting tools.

Relief Nursery provides a unique array of comprehensive family support services that are easily accessible to low-income parents with children up to six years of age who are at high risk for abuse or neglect. Research clearly shows that assistance in the first few years of a child’s life – before behaviors are indelibly imprinted – has the greatest success in breaking abusive patterns.

Luvable Dog Rescue
nominated by Lindsay

One of the greatest gifts of my life is my brindle mix pup, Indo Timon, who we rescued from Luvable Dog Rescue in May 2012. I couldn’t imagine my life without him and give thanks to the facility that took him in, cared for and made sure he went to a good home. Since Indo’s adoption day, Luvable Dog Rescue has been featured in national news for the their quant cottage like shelters in the Eugene south woods, along with their compassion to take in dogs that would otherwise be euthanized due to defects or looks (google “Picasso the Wonky Face Dog” – you won’t regret it)! I’d like to donate my portion of Gorillas Giving to this local non-profit for their continued love and dedication to our beloved four legged friends. Thank you for your hard work and compassion!

Imagination Libraries of Eugene & Springfied
nominated by John & Ally

We would like to nominate both the Imagination Library Programs of Eugene and Springfield, OR for the Giving Gorilla. The Imagination Library is a program that provides 1 book a month for children ages birth through four. Free!

This is such a great program; one of the best programs we have heard about. It provides a great service but also requires the recipients to really engage and participate. Real change for the future starts with children, and literacy is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Education begins at birth! And this is an important part of early education – the type of learning that begins before the school years. Learning to read, and learning to love to read is one of the most important things we can provide to young children. We would love to see this program in all the areas surrounding our home base of Eugene, Oregon eventually as currently 50% of children in Lane County do not meet the literacy benchmarks when they begin kindergarten. Reading regularly with children during their preschool years gives them the biggest boost toward a successful education and adulthood they can get.

Currently Springfield is on track to start signing children up for the program in September 2018.

Springfield Young Readers

Eugene Public Library Foundation

Imagination Library Home Page

Mission K9 Rescue
nominated by Barry

Loyalty without question, always reliable, they selflessly give their best, and ask nothing in return. Mission K9 Rescue’s mission is To rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate and repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity.

Burrito Brigade
nominated by Jessie

I would like to nominate Burrito Brigade. Having recently served its 100,000th hot meal, Burrito Brigade provides meals to Eugene and Springfield’s hungry every Saturday and Sunday since 2014. Volunteers make and deliver the burritos to places such as Whitebird Clinic, St. Vincent de Paul’s Service Station, First Place Family Center, Occupy Medical, and more. I personally know volunteers that never miss a weekend and speak proudly of the service that people are providing out of pure generosity and compassion. They are always looking for volunteers, and I’m sure that donations never hurt either. As a group that appreciates good food, good people, and love for our community, Gorilla Capital is a perfect fit to help this nonprofit organization.

Lifting Hands International
nominated by Cindy

I would like to nominate Lifting Hands International for the 2018 Giving Gorilla Program. This grassroots nonprofit was founded by the sister of a good friend, Hayley Smith, who was moved by the plight of refugees she met while in Jordan and Greece. As we know from the media, and as Hayley has experienced first hand, the current refugee crisis is acute. With only one paid employee and an army of volunteers, LHI works to help refugees In Jordan, Lebanon and Greece. I would like the Gorilla donation to be directed to their efforts to give refugee families milk goats. From the Helmick family experience with goats, this will not only help to feed the family, but provide them with a charming pet companion.



St. Vincent de Paul’s Youth House
nominated by Rachel

I would like to nominate St. Vincent de Paul’s Youth House for a donation. The Youth House is a new/under construction housing facility that houses homeless teens for up to two years in order to provide stability so they can focus on getting their high school diploma.

Without proper shelter and guidance, these teens could quickly become victims to hopelessness and head down a permanent path of homelessness. Programs like this contribute towards a strong future for them, which is something we all deserve a chance at.

Triangle Lake Robotics Team
nominated by Caitlin

I would like to nominate the Triangle Lake Robotics team for 2018’s Giving Gorilla program. The LakerBots are a group of high school (and some middle school) students who attend Triangle Lake Charter School. They began in 2013 and have earned several awards in their short history including the PNW FIRST Highest Rookie Seed, and the PNW FIRST Rookie All-Star in 2014 and 2015. The team is tasked with building a robot to achieve different tasks that are announced in early January. Following the announcement of the tasks, they are given 6 weeks to build at least one, but hopefully two robots that can perform the tasks outlined in the challenge. One robot will be the competition robot that cannot be touched after 6 weeks, while the other is a practice robot to train the team members on driving and maneuvering the bot. Each team is given equal budget constraints and timeline for their robot to keep things fair. They are hoping to go to Houston for the national championship in 2018. Their program resonates with me because they’re constantly forced to challenge the status quo and innovate year after year to excel in their matches with a very short timeline and strict deadline. All of those skills are great to develop before entering the “real world”. As a small school graduate, I sympathize with clubs and teams struggling to earn enough sponsorships and grants to stay active, let alone compete at such a high level of success!

UO Men's Club Basketball
nominated by Emily

I would like to nominate the University of Oregon men’s club basketball team for the Giving Gorilla. The UO has only had a men’s club team for 3 years now. My brother, Aaron, was an integral part of getting the team registered as a club team and has now been the head coach for the past two years. This is a 100% volunteer position. I have watched my brother spend countless hours on practices, games, planning tournaments and travel arrangements, completing endless amounts of paperwork, fundraising..etc. In addition to his time, I have seen him use his own money in order to ensure that all players are able to participate.

The UO is known for their flashy uniforms, yet the club team is travelling all over the country in uniforms that don’t represent Oregon in the way it should be represented. The Giving Gorilla money will go towards new uniforms for the team. As a UO alumnus myself, I want Oregon to always look their best! Go Ducks!!


Gorilla Capital also proudly supports the following programs and events annually in Eugene:

Eugene Marathon

Since its inaugural year 10 years ago, we have been proud to be the mile marker sponsor for the Eugene Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k. Look for the big blue mile markers along the race track and the Gorillas handing out water and bananas around mile 8! We are also proud to say that each year we have employees and/or their family running the races.

Bark In The Park

For the 3rd year in a row, we are excited to be a part of Greenhill’s Annual Bark in the Park as their mile marker sponsor! Our dog friendly office approves; we have had representatives of our “office dogs” run the 5k the last 2 years!

Bark in the Park


Eugene Women's VB League

This is serious stuff folks. For the last 5 years we have sponsored the reigning champions of the Eugene Women’s Volleyball League, Team Gorilla Capital. The team includes 2 of our employees and as well as the interior designer for our office space! In May this group of women clinched their 6th title in as many years. How long can the streak last? They’re not getting any younger out there…