4 Questions to Ask Yourself if Your Home Won’t Sell

Mature woman using a spirit level and marking the wall with a pencil in her kitchen.

There are many factors that are involved with a home being a desirable one that sells quickly versus a home that does not sell quickly. Some factors are out of the seller’s control while others can be affected by certain choices. Let’s look at some of those issues.

Is the price correct?
The number one reason a house doesn’t sell is because it is overpriced. Many people choose to “price high” thinking that gives them room to negotiate down and still get a price in a range they want. It often doesn’t work that way though. An overpriced home is passed over. Then each time the potential buyer sees a notice that the price is reduced, it can trigger a psychological response that “no one else wanted the home either” so there must be something wrong with it. It’s far better to price it realistically right from the outset. Overpricing can also give the impression of an unrealistic seller, and many buyers may not even view the property or make an offer to avoid the headache of trying to negotiate with what they perceive as a difficult seller.

How much do you know the market?
Perhaps you could be overconfident about how desirable your neighborhood is for a homebuyer. If you think your market is “hot” and your home isn’t getting much interest, take a look at whether it needs a little more TLC. Perhaps some touch-ups are needed, or you need better staging photos. It doesn’t mean your house won’t sell, it just might mean that you need to be more strategic.

Are your amenities comparable?
Take a look at what other homes in the price range you’re selling your home for have going for them. Do they have a garden space, nice landscaping, a woodstove, a ceiling fan, better hardware, better faucets, etc? A few small changes can make a big impact when people are comparing properties.

Is your agent doing all they can?
Maybe you don’t have the right agent if your home isn’t being exposed to the maximum number of people. If your home is priced right and well-maintained, it should generate interest. If that’s not happening, evaluate your agent. Is their personality and knowledge a good fit? Are they available when they need to be?