A Community for Falcon Area Horse Lovers

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The New Falcon Herald

April 2022

By Leslie Sheley

Saddlehorn Ranch advertises as a “first ever community of its kind.” The planned subdivision will include space for horses by offering over 130 acres of open space for equestrian ease- ments, horseback riding trails and horse barns.

The development, located in the southeast quadrant of Judge Orr Road and Curtis Road, will consist of 218 homes, a minimum of 2.5- acre property lots, spanning 816 acres.

Tanja Baker, vice president of operations for Gorilla Capital Inc., oversees the financial operations side of the project. She said their company stepped in about two years ago to provide funding for the development. Baker is originally from Parker, Colorado. “This project is nostalgic for me; this is what Parker was like with the rural coming up to the suburban areas and the ability to have horses on the property,” she said. “It reminds me of my childhood and where I grew up.”

Phase 1 includes the first 49 lots for development, and they are almost ready to start building, Baker said. Most of the necessary infrastructure is completed; they are just finishing up connecting the electric and gas, she said.

The roads have been completed, Baker said. According to SaddlehornRanch.com, Colorado Springs Utilities will provide natural gas; Mountain View Electric Association will provide electricity and they have created a new water district, Saddlehorn Ranch Metropolitan District.

The foundation work is underway for a water storage tank that will be placed at the southwest corner of the property near Curtis Road. The company is still hooking up electric and gas.

Rob Fuller, founder and chief executive officer of ROI Property Group, LLC, and the project manager for Saddlehorn Ranch, said the plan is to complete the five phases of building in about four years. “There are no other developments like this in the area,” Fuller said.

“We wanted to create a low-density subdivision that embraces the Colorado rural lifestyle but in a modern setting,” Baker said.

Visit https://saddleranch.com for more information.