September 9, 2014

EUGENE— August foreclosure filings in Ada County decreased by 16% as compared to July, while in Canyon County filings dipped by 19% according to Gorilla Capital, Idaho’s leader in buying, redeveloping and selling distressed homes. Foreclosures in the two counties are down 49% compared to the same time last year.

Sixty-three NODs were filed in Ada County while 38 were filed in Canyon County. All tallied for the month, there were 101 foreclosure filings in the two counties combined, compared to 122 in July, 111 in June, 106 in May, 104 in April, 147 in March, 119 in February, 121 in January, and 204 in December 2013. In August, 33% of the foreclosed homes purchased by Gorilla  in the two counties were vacant “Zombie” homes compared to 100% in July and June,  83% in May and April, 43% in March, and 64% in February.

“With another decrease in foreclosures and fewer Zombie homes on the market, Ada and Canyon county’s real estate markets continue to heal as compared to previous years,” said Ryan Strasshofer, Gorilla’s Idaho President. “With kids back in school and the holidays just around the corner, during the next few months we do expect lenders to push for more homes through the foreclosure process and on to the market.”