How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Fix and Flip

power washing driveway and garden furniture

Curb appeal projects typically are small changes that you make to make your house more appealing at first glance. Think of a person driving by the home or getting out of a car and seeing it for the first time. They are looking at details that you may not even notice, like an overflowing trash bin on the side of the house or a pile of scrap wood by the fence. Here are easy ways to add curb appeal to your fix and flip.

Taking care of curb appeal means looking for generally low-cost projects to make the home more appealing to a potential buyer. If, at first glance, the home looks dirty or not kept up, your potential buyer may not even get out of the car and look inside, even though inside the remodel may be gorgeous.

Get rid of clutter.

If this is a flip, there shouldn’t be anyone living in there, so you don’t need to worry about clutter from toys and personal things like bicycles. Put other things away, like any renovation equipment, or tools, or garden hoses. If your tools are in a storage shed, it should be clean and organized. If necessary, rent a storage locker or take unnecessary things to a friend’s house while your home is being shown.

A clean roof is a must.

Even if your roof is new, it may still have moss starting to grow on it. Branches may have landed on the roof if there was a recent storm. Potential buyers will be noticing these things. And take a look at the gutters while you’re up there.

Clear the entry way.

Keep the entryway clean. Put in a new bright light bulb and make sure there are no spider webs. Put down a new welcome mat, and check the property weekly to sweep away dirt and debris. Make sure the lights are all on.You are trying to set the scene for just how nice the house can be.

Freshen up your front door.

Is the paint wearing off? Is your door scratched and dented? Give it a fresh coat of paint or replace it if it’s not looking its best. It may literally be the first thing a potential buyer notices about the home.

Make sure there are no burned-out lights.

Walk around at night and make sure that any landscaping or safety lights and porch lights you have around the home are not burned out. Having automatic lighting around the house is a nice touch.

Although inside lighting is not curb appeal, if the potential buyer does go inside you want nice lighting. Use the highest wattage bulbs your fixtures can take. Add dimmers so you can tailor lighting if there is a lot of natural light already coming in. Use warm bulbs to add a sense of coziness inside.

Update landscaping.

Trim your trees in front of the house. If your garden beds have bare patches, add in a few annuals so the beds look more full. Add some new bark around the trees and in beds so things look fresh. Remove any blackberries or large weeds.

Can you see the house numbers?

Consider updating the house numbers if they are small or the metal coating is chipped away. Many neighborhoods have the house numbers painted on the curb outside the home. A freshly stenciled house number looks crisp and feels safe.

Powerwash your driveway.

If there are any oil stains on your driveway you might not even notice them anymore. But your potential homebuyer will notice. A professional power wash on your driveway (and maybe the sides of the home, if it needs it) will remove mildew, moss and general dirt give it a fresh, clean look.