Estimate Your Fix & Flip Profits More Accurately With These Quick Tips


There’s no doubt about it; fix and flip projects can earn you sizable profits. How much money can you make flipping houses? It depends on how you plan your project. When you estimate profits the right way, you can increase your return on investment and enjoying the process along the way.

Networking with Industry Insiders Can Yield Rich Information

If you want to know how much money you can make from a house flipping project, you’ll need to know about the current market. Every location is different, so work directly with investors and contractors who know the market.

You will make more money on fix and flip projects when you have a clear idea of what your property is worth in the current market. Online research is fine for a start, but the real information you need is gained from your personal conversations with industry professionals.

Plan Ahead Now for the Costs You’ll Pay Later

Go into your project with a clear idea of how much you plan on making when the sale is finalized. Consider that your initial investment should include future costs like property taxes, selling costs, and even smaller costs to maintain the yard and sidewalks as the seasons change.

Your time and effort is worth more than you think. Time you spend on smaller tasks like managing legal issues and managing rehab plans means less time on other things like your other jobs and family life. Work with a supportive lender that provides assistance in these areas and you can expect to make more from your house flipping project.

Use the Fix & Flip Calculator for the Most Accurate Estimates

We’re helping people estimate their final payouts with our Fix & Flip Calculator. Start by entering in your property purchase price, total rehab cost, sale price, and hold time. The custom calculator will help you plan what you can expect to make from your fix and flip project from there.

Many people find that they can make significant profits from house flipping projects. Estimating your earnings and costs before diving into your project is the best way to decide how much each property is really worth.

An experienced lending group with a long record of successful projects, we’ll help you get the profits you deserve. We’re able to show you at least 1,000 profitable projects and offer a supportive staff that’s in your corner.

Try our Fix & Flip Calculator and get a good look at exactly what you can make from your house flipping projects. While you’re there, check out our Fix & Flip Program. We’re offering some very innovative services that can increase your earnings considerably.