Fix and Flip Landscaping Tips

landscaping garden

Giving potential buyers an unforgettable first impression is one of the best ways to make a sale. You can grab their attention and really up the “wow” factor with an inviting and manicured landscape. Here’s how to use landscaping to increase appeal and add value.

  1. Put mulch at the top of your shopping list.
    A cheap way to give a fix and flip property some eye appeal, mulch helps to highlight borders around the base of large trees and flower beds. It’s easy to find and you don’t need gardening expertise to use mulch for its visual appeal.
  2. Use pruning shears to control renegade shrubs and transform trees.
    This simple tool can take a yard that’s been neglected and give it a professional look. Wait until the property is ready to be shown and put in some time to shape overgrown trees and shrubs.
  1. Plan ahead by addressing weather concerns.
    Show potential buyers that this landscape is made to endure anything that the weather can dish out. Add adequate drainage for excessive rainfall, include shade trees for sunny weather, and remove tree limbs that threaten a roof or window if they fall.
  1. Choose one focal point and design with the new owners in mind.
    Grab attention by making your landscape focus on one particular aspect. Bring the focus to one large stately tree, a relaxing patio, a vibrant flower bed, or simply bring visitors’ eyes directly to the front door.
  1. Keep it simple.
    Avoid clutter in your landscaping design. When in doubt, go for subtle choices that allow potential buyers to envision how they could customize the area for their own purposes.

When you’re about a month away from showing your fix and flip property, start focusing on improving curb appeal with an inviting landscape. Be sure to account for the cost so this important aspect doesn’t get neglected.