6 Ways To Make Your Flip Stand Out

Portrait of a cheerful young woman holding paint roller while young man painting wall

By “stand out,” we mean stand out in a good way! You probably aren’t aiming for being the house everyone’s talking about because it’s red and white paint makes it look like a first-aid kit.

No, we’re talking about making your house appeal to buyers as something that is not boring and basic. So let’s look at what makes a house “boring and basic” and what not to do.

Boring and basic is the same paint color combinations as every other house in the neighborhood.
Solution – research some modern paint combos. Freshen up the look of the home with unexpected but appealing new colors on doors, windows, shutters, fences and other trim.

Boring and basic is paint that flakes and peels off.
Solution – Use high-quality paint. You’ll not only get rich, deep color but it will go on more easily and stay on.

Boring and basic is wood floors that are scuffed and worn.
Solution – Refinish the floors, give them a nice coat of polish and make them shiny. If there’s a few scratches, point out the history of the home and how it’s the original floors. Many people will love the idea of buying into a home with character.

Boring and basic is using the cheapest, bulk bin door and drawer pulls, light fixtures and faucets.
Solution – Give the home a little style by purchasing materials that are higher quality. Avoid plastic and pay a little extra for the door knobs that are well-made and look good. The brassy gold shiny metallic look is no longer desirable. Matte finishes are more sleek and more sought after.

Boring and basic is a traditional long rectangular bathroom mirror.
Solution – Make a statement with a bathroom mirror in another shape or with an interesting frame or border. A unique feature in the bathroom could be the little detail that makes people take a second look.

Boring and basic is white or beige walls.
Solution – It’s just paint! Homebuyers know that they will likely face repainting. Chances are, most people don’t want to keep the plain white or beige walls so they’re going to paint over that anyway. There are a lot of soft, appealing neutral colors that are not brown, white or tan. Consider blues, greens, grays, or even light purples. There’s a strong chance that your new home buyers will paint over the walls no matter what color you choose. There’s also a strong chance that if you add some color, they’ll like it!