Oregon foreclosures jump from 395 to 566 in March

April 15, 2014

Foreclosures jumped in March in Jackson County and the rest of the state.

Gorilla Capital of Eugene said foreclosure filings increased dramatically in the markets its tracks in March. It was the third consecutive month filings have increased in the 20 counties monitored by the company.

Overall, foreclosure filings increased to 566 in March, compared to February’s 395.

In Jackson County there were 48 court foreclosures, compared with 19 in March, and seven non-judicial filings, up from six.

Gorilla Capital said the mediation process begun in fall 2013 has run its course in many cases.

Statewide, 474 court foreclosures were filed in March compared with 295 in February and 284 in January, while non-judicial filings remained relatively constant, with 92 compared with 99 in February and 87 in January.

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