Quick Ways to Cut Costs on Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen plans

Remodeling the kitchen can end up taking up significant time and cost in your house flipping project. There are some easy ways to remodel a kitchen to meet high demands without breaking your budget.

Set Your Priorities
A clear plan is the best way to minimize your costs. Spend some time reviewing the strengths of the kitchen area. What features stand out? Prioritize needs so that you tackle the most important tasks first.

If the size of the kitchen seems good enough, put your focus on updating appliances. On the other hand, a cramped kitchen can be a deal breaker for many potential buyers. Put your efforts and budget toward improving the most striking feature of the kitchen, then focus on the smaller needs.

Search Out Scratched or Salvaged Items
Extra effort put into finding deals on kitchen appliances can pay off in the end. Discounted items and recycled materials are a great way to give the kitchen a modern look without the high costs.

Many home improvement stores sell slightly dented or scratched appliances. They may not be on prominent display, but items like stoves and refrigerators often get small dings and marks, making them impossible to sell at full price. If the scratch is on a surface that can’t be seen when placed, you could save big.

At Gorilla Capital, we purchase appliances new from Lowe’s, but this may not be a realistic option for lower budget projects and independent fix and flip investors who may not be working with a funding partner.

Looking through the remnants at your local stone supplier could reveal the island top or butcher’s block that makes the kitchen truly unique. Salvage yards can also yield cheap treasures to those willing to search.

Discarded pieces from schools, bowling alleys, and barns that have been torn down can be also repurposed into eye-catching tables, counters, and lighting fixtures.

Small Changes Make Big Impressions
Too many big projects in the kitchen can be what makes your fix and flip project exceed its budget. Don’t overlook the value of those small changes. They can make a huge difference in appearance and function.

Not happy with the sink? Sometimes simply upgrading the faucet can greatly improve the look and function without the cost of a fully replaced sink.

Remember to look up. Lighting plays an underrated role in kitchen remodeling. A bright room makes everything more appealing and modern. Replace that outdated fluorescent lighting with a sleek light fixture. That simple change can give the kitchen an entirely different feel.

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