Read This Before You Pass Up Another Property with Septic System Issues

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Experienced house flippers have developed a unique skill. They’ve learned how to look past seemingly large flaws to determine whether a property is worth an investment of time and money.

One of their biggest challenges comes when there are problems with a septic system.

A functional septic system is essential to the usability of a home. Many prospective home buyers pass up perfectly good properties because the septic system needs some work. However, if a home has a bad septic system, it does not necessarily mean that it is not worth considering. In fact, a home with a faulty septic system could be a great opportunity to get a deal on a property.

Before you make an offer on a house with a faulty septic system, educate yourself about the problem and how much money and labor it would take to fix it.

What Is a Septic System?

Septic systems involve a buried container called a septic tank, which is usually made of concrete, fiberglass or polyurethane. All of the wastewater from the home drains into the septic tank.

Because all of the waste is stored in the septic tanks, it is important to have the septic tank pumped every few years.

The frequency of pumping required depends on the tank size, the habits of the household and the amount of solid waste that is released into the septic system. To determine whether it is necessary to pump the septic tank, you may need a professional to conduct an inspection.

Is it Worthwhile to Fix and Flip a House with Bad Septic?

If you find out the property has a septic tank that needs work, don’t despair. It may be a simple fix, or you may need to replace the entire system.

If you are interested in a property with a bad septic system, it may be worth paying to have an assessment of the septic done by a professional septic company. An assessment will give you an idea of the amount you can expect to spend to repair the septic system. It can also be beneficial by helping you negotiate a lower price for the property.

If you find out that it’s necessary to replace the entire septic system, get an estimate from a company that installs septic systems to find out how much it would cost. You can use that estimate to your advantage when you make an offer on the property.

Don’t let a bad septic system scare you away from an investment property. With a proper inspection and research into the costs of repairs, a home with a bad septic system can be a good investment. If you’ve found a property you want to flip, you could be eligible for funding through our fix and flip program. Click here to learn more!