Should You Bring in a Partner to Help You Flip?

Contract painter painting garage floor to speed up selling of home

It may be time to expand your team if you are feeling overwhelmed. If your fix and flip business is successful and growing you are likely busy and enjoying yourself. But if you have a ton of projects on your plate and need help or there are lucrative opportunities you are missing out on or passing on due to your lack of support, it might be time to add in a team member. It is a lot for one person to handle. Project management, bill paying, subcontracting, repair schedules, showing the house, and any other marketing for more than one project can be a full-time job. Should you bring in a partner to help you flip? Consider bringing someone else on if you have been needing to spend time finding a new contractor but don’t have the time to call and meet people.

  • Are you paying fines because you are late paying some of your bills? An assistant or a calendar/project management software option can help you keep track of all due dates so you do not lose money this way.
  • Do you have the time to continue to manage all that you already are doing as well as search for your next flip property? It may be time to add an acquisition manager to help you add to your house inventory.
  • If you’re making decisions without being certain of the ROI or cost of what you are embarking on because you don’t have time to “punch in all of the numbers,” it may be time to hire an assistant who can keep track of the numbers for you.
  • If you have limited cash and you have a partner who will supply some funding, this could initiate a successful business partnership. You should work with someone with whom you share complementary skills and similar financial goals. For instance, you’re the “field” person and they’re the “book” person.
  • If you desire business growth but are lacking the resources–repair knowledge, market experience, funding– having a business partner may help you get unstuck.

Gorilla Capital can do a lot of these things. We pay all of your contractor invoices, double-checking for accuracy, and handle all 1099 and tax compliance matters. Using our advanced web-based property tracking software, you can see the real-time status of each of your projects along with projected and actual Gross Profit.

Our transaction coordinators will take care of all purchase and closing paperwork, including providing tax IDs, wiring instructions, executed HUD, and closing documents. Learn more about how funding from Gorilla Capital can help you reach your business’s growth goals at Gorilla Capital’s Funding page.