Is Staging a Home Worth It?

Is Staging a Home Worth It?

Does staging a home make a difference in the sale price? There are many different philosophies about home staging, and there’s not really a right answer. As with anything related to home sales, it is important to plan strategically and consider your budget.

Properties that are being flipped are typically empty, with no current tenants. Most homes on the market have people living in them, and thus are already furnished when potential buyers view the home. Since homes to be flipped aren’t occupied, they have no furniture and none of that “lived in look” that home buyers see when they look at a place that is occupied. Therefore, staging these empty homes helps buyers visualize how a room will look. Staging helps a home stand out to prospective buyers. When done well, a staged home allows prospective buyers to get a feel for what the home would look like when it is filled with their own furniture and décor.

Some people are concerned about the price of staging a home. Cost is an important consideration, as home staging services can be expensive. Is the cost worth it?

Staged homes tend to sell more quickly than homes that have not been staged. There is also some evidence to suggest that homes that are staged sell for higher prices than homes that are not staged. Another benefit to staging can be if the home has an unusual floor plan or rooms with non-standard dimensions. In this case, staging will help inspire potential buyers with how to utilize and furnish the space effectively.

Realistically, the location of a home has more impact on how quickly a home will sell. If you are flipping a property in a desirable area, it is more likely to get snatched up quickly regardless of staging. If the home is in a less popular area or has some less desirable traits, staging can certainly add some appeal to prospective home buyers who may be on the fence.

Staging sets the tone for what the home could feel like when it’s lived in. Many home buyers respond well to visual cues, and a staged home can help them connect to the property. Although home staging does cost money, it can be done effectively and on a small budget.

As with everything related to house flipping, it is critical to understand the market. How likely is the home to sell quickly? If it is in a highly desirable area, home buyers may be ready to jump on the home immediately, staged or not. Other homes may need some help getting noticed.

If you’re using a website to market a home, staging can work wonders to draw attention. Photographs of empty rooms don’t stimulate the imagination of prospective buyers. Couches, beds and end tables not only make a property look “homier,” they also provide scale and help prospective home buyers determine whether their furniture will fit nicely in the space available.

In general, staging a home is a good idea because it reduces the time a home is on the market and it may draw a higher sale price. You don’t have to spend a lot to effectively stage a home therefore, if you’re questioning if staging a home is worth it, consider it a particularly good marketing tool to use when you feel your home may need a little extra help getting noticed.

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